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Wood Working and Fabrication

Kitchen CabinetsFor the last 30 years, Jackson Woodworks has been crafting beautiful woodworking projects, spanning simple and complex concepts. We specialize in custom kitchen cabinets, rustic furniture, decorative bandsaw boxes and many more miscellaneous creations. Come talk to us about your inspiration for a design and we’ll take great pride in bringing it to life for you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

We Build Simple, Beautiful Wooden Heirlooms

Custom woodworking pieces are something everyone should have in their home. Whether it’s an heirloom piece of furniture or custom cabinets in Polson, MT, these pieces bring warmth, beauty and originality into any home they’re in. There’s truly nothing like it.
At Jackson Woodworks, custom woodworking is our passion. We love taking wood and milling it into something unique and beautiful, made specially for you. There’s something so personal and intimate about a custom-made piece of furniture or cabinetry, or even something simple like a bandsaw box or bookshelf. Let us take your ideas and breathe life into them, so you can bring home something that will instantly become part of your home. We have the skills and abilities to make just about anything, and we relish the opportunity to create something that makes your jaw drop.

Jackson Wood Working CarvingProfessional Wood working in Polson Montana

With decades of experience behind us, we’re equipped with the skills and shop to produce custom woodworking projects of all sizes. We specialize in rustic furniture and kitchen cabinetry in Polson, MT, as well as smaller pieces and keepsakes. Bring us your ideas, concepts or specifications and we’ll bring them to life with craftsmanship and precision.